Money Saving Testimonials

Dee M. says, “I used to spend carelessly. It is SO good to know exactly where [my money] is going!”

She told me, “My time with Sarah was a great eye-opener. I thought I had a pretty good relationship with money, however I realized that ignoring it doesn’t equal a healthy relationship.”

“Sarah helped me gain a better awareness of my spending habits and helped me see that saving isn’t about denying myself. It’s about saying “not right now”. This mindset shift has allowed me to be more excited about saving and planning for the future of my family.”

“Having clear goals and attaching a specific dollar amount to those goals allows me to know exactly what I am saving for, and by having a deeper understanding of what’s coming in and what’s going out, I can attach a realistic timeline to achieving those goals which is very exciting.”

“I’ve gotten great awareness around spending. It’s not denying yourself to save money instead of spending it, it’s just not right now. It’s okay to spend it when you need it.”

Diana S. says, “I am so glad I worked with Sarah on my finances. Before we started, I felt like I had little knowledge about where my money was going and no organized way to see it all. Sarah helped me pull in all of my numbers and figure out where and how I’m spending my money. Sarah helped me get organized so I have easy access to seeing this. We also created a spending plan and a tracking system so I can see what’s flowing in and out on a daily basis.” 

Diana S. “I’m most excited about setting a travel budget and now will be intentional about how I spend my money so that I have extra to put into that budget!”

Tiffany M. told me, “You’ve made it so clear and easy! The hardest part for me is just figuring out the math. You’ve kind of made it idiot-proof.”

“Your program is amazing. It’s so easy. I’m loving it, actually.”

Emilie V. “Simply Freedom is really helping my fiancé and I! I’m excited to be able to start saving money, afford the things we want, and now have the ability to teach these things I learned with Money Coach Sarah to my own kids someday.”

Megan J. “I am excited to have someone to talk to who knows how to help me manage money, and keeps me accountable so I can reach my goals!”

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