Are You Stuck in a Spending Cycle… but want to stop your spending spree so you can

save money, and actually reach your money goals this year?

101 phrases you can use to stop a spending spree in its tracks.

You’ve been saving money, and making progress, but

once you hand over your card, a spending frenzy begins and you don’t know how to stop it!

“I should buy this, since I’m here.”

“While I’m browsing, I’d better pick up this.”

“Since I have my card out, I might as well purchase this, too.”

“I think I got an email coupon, so I better use that before it expires, while I’m thinking about it.”


  • You are stressed out about money
  • You know you spend too much, but you don’t know what you’re spending it on
  • You have a hard time saving money, OR
  • You save money, but you have a hard time keeping it saved – you often find your hand dipping into the travel jar to pay for groceries or bills
  • You are frustrated that money keeps emptying out of your account as fast as it goes in

Imagine you can break the spending spree in its tracks

Your hand still outstretched, holding your card, and there’s this moment where you hesitate. THAT is the moment these phrases come in handy. They will pop into your head and you’ll realize, “Hey, maybe I don’t need this item today. Maybe I could wait until next month. Maybe I have something at home I could use, instead of buying new.” (There’s 3 free phrases for you, right there, friend!)

Just ONE of these phrases can help you stop a spending spree in its tracks, and you will have over 101 phrases to choose from!


  • Spend money only on the things you need
  • Feel good about every purchase you make
  • Find you easily save more money each month
  • Make it effortless to keep that money saved
  • Are able to pay off debt faster than ever before
  • Sleep better, knowing you are in control of your money

101 Phrases to Help You Stop a Spending Spree is for you!

the best phrases to halt spending ever, you can learn how to stop a spending spree with these 101 phrases.