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Money Mindset that Hold Moms Back

I was recently featured talking about the money mindsets that hold moms back. This is important because without know how you think about money, you’ll never realize how you are keeping yourself from your goals. You can see the original article here at

Does your money mindset hold you back as a mom?

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Have you ever tried to make a change and ended back where you started? Change is kind of like a rubber band – the more you stretch and try to grow, the harder the resistance pushes back. Getting to the point of releasing the rubber band – either snapping it or letting the elastic relax, is where you’re going to create lasting change from that point forward. It can be uncomfortable, it can be hard. But I promise you it is worth it to see your goals being achieved naturally, almost as easy as breathing.

Metaphysical Mama and I have teamed up in the past to collaborate and offer a unique experience to each of our clients. She is a life coach for spiritually inclined women, working with EFT tapping procedures and multiple methodologies to help you move forward. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tiffany and I encourage you to reach out to her as well if that’s what you need help with.

Why Money Mindset – how does it hold moms back?

It can feel like mindset and money mindset talk is a new hype – but I don’t think it’s one that’s going away anytime soon. In recent studies there have been shown a cycle that starts with your mindset. How you think affects how you feel. How you feel affects what actions you take. The actions you take directly impact the results you see in your life.

If you tell yourself you are bad with money. You will feel bad about your money management. Feeling bad about this will lead you to make more money handling mistakes. Which will show you that you are bad at handling money. And it all starts with what you think.

That’s why your money mindset is important.

What are the money mindsets that hold moms back?

Spoiling Yourself Misconception

There’s a misconception out there about spoiling yourself. It sounds like this, “I never get to buy anything for myself, so I deserve this purchase.” Time and time again, month after month. Suddenly, “never spending money on yourself” has turned into a consistent $300 per month expense.


“I don’t know when I’ll have money again, so I’d better buy this now.” Ever said that? That my friends is a scarcity mindset. It is fear based – the fear of the unknown and the fear of not having enough. I grew up with this mindset. It took me years to overcome because I didn’t know what I was doing. There wasn’t a lot of chatter about mindset ten years ago, much less support and programs for working through these scarcity mindsets.

And let me tell you, this mindset DEFINITELY held me back. It made it really hard to save money because I thought I had to stock up on things all the time. It took maybe a year to realize I didn’t need 5 bags of tortilla shells in my pantry. I didn’t need to buy a super-mega-oversized pack of toilet paper every time I went to the store. I didn’t need to buy clothes every time I was at a mall.

Soon my pantry and my closets were full, and I was stumped. We had money coming in, and it was enough for us to have all that we needed. That was new for me. New territory, and now I had to figure out how to live with the knowledge that I had enough. I didn’t need more.

Overabundance/Keeping Up with the Jones’

Overabundance mindset holds its victims back from financial success, because you are used to having money, and therefore spend it whether you have the money or not. You can see how it would be difficult to save money when you are constantly putting yourself over and above your means.

These mindsets are talked about at length over on Metaphysical Mama. If you want to read the original post, you can head over here.

Your Next Step to Eliminate the Money Mindset Holding Moms Back

Do you have a money mindset keeping you from reaching your goals? Has this post resonated with you? Then I want you to head over here to learn more about my service. Simply Freedom is a 12 week money transformation program that will help you eliminate the stress you feel about your money. It will teach you how to work through your mindset blocks, and give you the practical skills to manage your money like a boss with my S.I.M.P.L.E framework. This framework is designed to put freedom back in your life. It won’t make managing your money another hard, complex thing you have to think about. It’s simple.

Let’s get started. Send me an email with the keyword “transformation” to get started.

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